Best Curtains for Kids Rooms – Creative Curtain Ideas for Style and Comfort

December 7, 2020 by No Comments

Decorating our kids’ rooms brings out the creativity in all of us. Part of why we enjoy it so much is the freedom it allows us to combine bright and bold colours to make our children’s rooms as homely as possible.

However while we are looking for creative ways to design our kids’ bedrooms, we must not lose sight of their comfort as the number one priority.

With this in mind, I will recommend two cost-effective types of curtains that will keep your children’s rooms warm and cosy – and you won’t have to sacrifice style.

Thermal Curtains

In cold weather, it can be almost impossible to regulate the weather in our kids’ rooms without it costing us a lot of money in energy bills.

Thermal curtains help keep the temperature warm and toasty by insulating the windows, thereby keeping draft out. This helps us save a small fortune in utility bills as we don’t have to turn up the heating as high as we usually would.

Good choices for kids rooms are thermal curtains in bright, vibrant colors like orange, yellow, green or lilac. I also recommend keeping the curtains open in the day to allow some light to enter the room.

Blackout Curtains

Another clever option for kids rooms is using blackout curtains. Research has found that kids need 10 to 18 hours of sleep daily. posters barnrum

However it can be tough convincing our children to sleep at certain times, like while it’s still bright outside. This is where blackout curtains come in. They are room darkening curtains which you can use to control any external light that pass into your kids’ rooms.

Blackout curtains are effective because they are able to block 99% of light, thus providing our kids with the ideal environment to get their necessary sleep.

Thermal and Blackout Linings

If you are finding the option of buying new curtains difficult to justify in this financial climate, you needn’t worry. You can always make your own thermal and blackout curtains simply by attaching thermal linings to the face of your existing curtains.

Thermal linings are made using a polyester and cotton blend fabric material which has acrylic foam as a layer. In some cases a thin layer of aluminum is used instead.

Blackout linings on the other hand are special linings which have ultraviolet resistant properties. This stops any light from passing through and causing interference in our children’s rooms.

Both thermal and blackout curtains are perfect for nurseries, classrooms and kids’ playrooms too. You can purchase them in a variety of exciting hues and designs.

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