Body Massage: Stretching

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The act of stretching is good for warming up a person before a massage. Besides, it feels good after a stretch. The benefits of stretching is you become more flexible and able to move your arms and legs more freely. Besides, you can look more young too. It is best that you incorporate stretching into a body massage.

There are 3 general guidelines you must follow when during the stretching process.

  1. Ease your partner into it
  2. Do it slowly and don’t rush the process
  3. Ease your partner out of it


You have to realize that the human joints have limit as far as how much they can stretch and in which directions. You will come to realize this is called range of motion. If you stretch a person beyond his or her range of motion, it can hurt the person seriously. 강남안마

Always ask your partner about how they feel about it. You have to understand that not everyone is flexible. Some people are more tight and can only stretch so much. Others can go a long way.

Stretching the neck is always a dangerous thing to do. When you do stretch it, only do it one direction at a time. For example, move it to the left and return the neck to the original position before proceeding to the next, right. Never attempt to extend the neck beyond its normal range. You could end up killing somebody unintentionally instead.

There are 3 types of stretching you can do.


Your partner should not move at all. You are the only one doing the stretching work.

Active and assisted

This time your partner does the stretching with his own effort, but with you assisting him or her in the process. You can stretch the muscles more this way.

Active and resisted

This is the same with the previous stretching. But instead of contributing to the stretch, your partner should resist the stretching and stop after a while. After they stop, perform the stretch. You will find it is easier to stretch afterwards.

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