Discovery and Development of Paper and Paper Products

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The first paper was invented in China in 105 AD. The popularity and use of paper started spreading to Europe in the 10th century. However, in the 15th century the paper press in Germany starting producing paper in large amounts. In the ancient days, bamboo tablets were used for inscriptions. Silk pieces were also used instead of paper but due to its cost and weight, the popular use of silk declined with the passage of time. sustainable toilet paper

Evolution of Paper:

To meet the different requirements, Tshai Lun, discovered the use of bark trees to make paper. In addition to the bark of trees, various other types of materials were also used to manufacture paper which includes fishing nets, rags and cloths. These items were mainly used for writing purposes. In addition to writing, paper was used for wrapping and covering items. Later on paper bags, toilet papers and so forth came into prominence in the ancient European countries.

The first hand made craft paper came into prominence with the use of multi-colored baskets, cups and napkins. As years passed, paper was used to print bank notes by the government. The use of paper products increased to a large extent with the passage of time. After industrialization, the use of wood pulp came into prominence as it was helpful in manufacturing large number of paper products.

However, as years passed by, paper was used for a wide variety of purposes which include decorative uses. Craft paper was used in various decorative purposes in Japan. Today paper products are used in a huge range of varieties which include bags, plates, glasses, folders, pen holders, cases, envelopes and so forth.

Although paper was invented for writing purposes, it is widely being used for various other purposes in different fields of life. It is used in industrial and agricultural sectors in various forms. It is used in industries for various building purposes which include wall papers, decorative laminations, plaster boards and so forth.

It is widely used in educational fields in the form of note books, texts books, flip charts, exercise books and many more. Paper products are used in various multiple forms in all walk of our lives. There is hardly any sector in our lives where it is difficult to find paper products.

Paper products are also used in various entertainment fields which include playing cards, board games and many more. It is used in business fields in the form of brochures, letter heads, stationery items and so forth. Even though most of the offices are computerized, the use of stationery products is still common which shows the importance of these products in our daily lives.

It is also used for various domestic purposes which include paper cups, plates and many more. Most of these products can be bought from online stores as there are hoards of different types of paper plates of various sizes and shapes to suit various requirements.

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